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1.7.4  23-Oct-2015
   fixed my_gdb: can't PTRACE_PEEKTEXT - 'Input/output error' (errno=5) on
   systems with [vvar] virtual mappings

1.7.3  14-Apr-2013
   fixed '_dl_auxv not found' error for glibc 2.16

1.7.2  13-Aug-2012
   fixed compilation for i386 with gcc 4.6.0 (remove all .cfi directives)
   dependencies on fileutils, textutils and sh-utils replaced to coreutils
1.7.1   2-Mar-2010
   fixed bug sometimes preventing statifier from working on 32-bit systems
   (Slackware 13, for example) - strtoul problem

1.7.0  24-Feb-2010
   statifier not depend on gdb anymore
   dropped support for alpha

1.6.15  1-Dec-2008
   added support for Slackware 12.0

1.6.14 17-Aug-2008
   added support for gdb6.8

1.6.13 16-Oct-2007
   added support for gdb6.6
   added support for systems where vDSO not looks like shared library.

1.6.12 10-Sep-2007
   fixed bug, sometimes preventing statifier from working on systems with
   prelinked ld-linux - fixed again (I hope, finally :)

1.6.11  9-Jul-2007
   fixed bug, sometimes preventing statifier from working on systems with
   prelinked ld-linux

1.6.10 17-Apr-2007
   fixed bug, preventing build of rpm package on FC5 - thanks to Eric Gerbier

1.6.9  11-Apr-2007
   fix for [vdso], [heap], [stack] in the /proc/PID/maps
   wrongly reported by some kernels (for example on FC5) 'rwx' permissions
   replaced by 'rw-'
   support for 'sysenter' instruction in the VDSO on the i386 platform.

1.6.8  30-Mar-2006
   statifier able work with gdb-6.4

1.6.7  30-Sep-2005
   fixed compilation for gcc-4.
   fixed statifying problem for kernel 2.6.12 (FC4, SuSE 9.3 (?), etc)
   NOTE: at least on FC4 (kernel 2.6.12) statified exe segfault, unless
   it was created as:
   LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.19 statifier ...

1.6.6   9-May-2005
   Now executable statified on the system with one kernel has
   much better chance to run on the system with another kernel.

1.6.5   7-Apr-2005
   Fixed segfault in the statified executables on system where
   loader's PT_LOAD segment has vaddr != 0 and loader have no
   symbol table.
   Fixed race condition: gdb_runner/gdb, which sometimes prevent
   statifier from working.
   Statifier now no more use readelf

   nasty bug in the 1.6.3 distribution fixed - gdb_ruuner.gdb
   file was incorrect. So unless you use 1.6.3 from CVS
   it simple does not work.

   support for kernel 2.6 (with thread local storage) on x86_64

   statifier now work with loader ld-2.3.3
   Innovation in this loader, which affect statifier are:
      (possible) splitting stack to two segments (rw and rwx)
      GNU_RELRO segment - after data written to segment it's 
      permission changed to read-only

   statifier work on RHEL3.2

   statifier was adopted to work with RHEL 3 and 3.1
   all phrdrs (except PT_INTERP and PT_PHDR) are copied to the
   statified file, so it's preserve, for example PT_GNU_STACK,
   which used by exec-shield.
   Statifying now should be possible on the systems with exec-shield
   and randomization enabled. 
   Code now assume nothing about memory layout, so porting
   will be easier.

   Statifying now possible on system with stripped loader.
   Statified exe now more friendly to gdb, readelf, objdump, etc.

   Porting to alpha.
   Some more documentation.

   Added documentation.
   Some underground work for future porting

   Now it's really work for linux kernel >= 2.5
   Added options --set and --unset, which allow set / unset environment
   for statified program without affecting statifier itself.
   Added options --verbose and --keep-working-directory for debugging purpose. 
   Work with non-gnu awk too (as in debian) 
   Suppressed gdb's (>= 6.0) message: rtld.c: No such file or directory

   Added support for linux kernel >= 2.5
   Big internal changes.
   Added support for amd64 (x86_64) processor
   Added examples to man page

   Added missing path to set_threa_area_addr
   Fixed segfault in the statified executables which used
   function dlsym, and dlsym can't find symbol.
   But now statifier more depend on symbols to be found in the interpreter.
   (SuSE with striped symbols will not work)

   Added support for TLS - thread local storage.
   Now statifier work on Linux RH9 too.

   First public release. 
   Tested on linux x86